Abundance by Choice: A Two Day Event Designed to Redefine Your Retirement

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How to employ a little known financial strategy that allows for tax-free income during retirement

Why real estate optimization is a key to retirement abundance and peace of mind

How traditional estate planning can often ruin families by dumping assets on unprepared heirs

How to create cash flow predictability that will last as long as you do

How to create a family culture where you are abolishing entitlement from your children and grandchildren

Learn how three little known, yet conservative and proven financial vehicle can redefine your retirement


From: The Desk Of Doug Andrew


Dear Friend,

Abundance is a choice and it doesn't happen by accident.  With focus you design, build, and create a retirement and life of abundance.  It is molded, shaped, and grown.


Scarcity is the arch enemy of abundance.  It's that intense feeling you have when you fear that what you have and what you've saved for retirement won't be enough.  It's that feeling of nervousness when you don't know who to trust or if you've been given the very best advice.

Here's the truth.  You may not have enough for retirement and most likely you've been given financial advice that is severely lacking.  Unless you take ownership of your retirement and employ strategies that 90% of financial advisors don't understand or have access to, abundance may slip through your fingers.

At the Abundance by Choice event you'll learn the 8 decisions that will maximize your assets, reduce your taxes, and increase your net spendable income during retirement.  These decisions won't just impact your financial assets, but all three dimensions of your authentic wealth.

You see, most financial advice is narrow and unbalanced.  It focuses only on the money and ignores the other two categories of assets.  At this event you'll not only learn what the other two dimensions of wealth are, but you'll see how they can transform your family culture, your retirement vision, and create what we like to call "generational wealth".


To your Abundance,

Doug Andrew

"Decisions have the power to move you in new directions, take you to new places, and create a life of abundance.  These 8 decisions have the power to shape and transform your retirement into success and significance."


Purchase My Seat for the two day event
Purchase My Seat for the two day event

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Purchase My Seat for the two day event

8 Decisions That Will Maximize Your Assets, Reduce Your Taxes, and Increase Your Net Spendable Income During Retirement

At this two day event you'll see


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Time well spent. One of the best “saw sharpening” and foundation building days available.
-Kent T.
I would recommend this to anyone that is unsure about their future. This will help anyone serious to maximize their current and future assets, both with family and money.
-Jeff S.
I learned, laughed, and had fun with my wife. And we learned how to optimize our finances.
– Joe W.

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